How to Prevent Slippery and Unprotected Floors

Many people don’t think about the dangers that may exist when they enter a building. Unprotected floors can lead to a slip-and-fall accident.

Many facility managers are aware of this fact and take it into account daily. Unprotected floors can lead to a lot of problems. It is essential to take preventative steps if you manage any type of facility. Failing to do so could result in serious injuries and costly lawsuits. We know how important it is to prepare. Here are some ways to protect your facility from unprotected floors.

Maintain your facility in good condition

Facility maintenance is key to maintaining floors safe and clean. Many facility managers face this daily challenge. Facilities that see a lot of foot traffic can have dirt and debris spread through the entranceways and beyond. This can prove difficult to manage if you don’t have a large maintenance team. Unprotected floors can cause slip-and-fall accidents as well as damage to your flooring. Employees and anyone who comes into your building can be exposed to floors with cracks or chips. You can prevent this by making sure that your facility is maintained daily.

Use commercial mats

Many building managers feel short-staffed after discussing the importance and necessity of maintaining facility maintenance. How would it be possible to keep your facility clean and eliminate the need for additional employees? Commercial mats are the answer. In areas that are not occupied during the day, commercial mats can act as silent facility managers. Properly placing commercial mats on flooring can trap dirt and debris, and provide grip to floors. High-quality mats will keep your facility clean and safe for everyone who uses it. They play a vital role in preventing slippage, lawsuits, and injuries.

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Be extra cautious when entering the interior

These are the most slippery areas on unprotected floors. Commercial mats can be placed in these areas to reduce the wear and tear on your facility’s floors. These floors can become less secure if they are not protected. The entrances to your building are the best place to start if you want to prevent slippery floors. Your facility can achieve this goal by strategically securing entrances with commercial mats. You shouldn’t let your facility be at risk of slip-and-fall accidents because you didn’t take preventative steps.

Slip and Falls in Summer Too

Summer is not the best season for facility owners to worry about slips and falls. Seasons like spring and winter bring more severe weather hazards, such as snow, ice, and rain.

You don’t need to be concerned about slips and falls in the summer sun. Slip and fall accidents can cause serious injury to employees and customers, as well as damage to your reputation. We know how important safety is and we want to make sure that slips and falls don’t happen in summer.

You can beat the heat with water activities

People seek ways to beat the heat as the temperatures rise. Public water activities are often the best option. If you have a hot tub, spa, or other standard recreational areas at your facility, then you will still need commercial flooring during the summer. People who are involved in water activities will be more likely to slip and fall. Children are especially at risk due to the excitement. Children can get hurt or slip when they run in and out of swimming pools. You can prevent this by making sure you have the right matting. Instead of giving them a slippery path to follow, give them a stable and clean surface to stand on. Commercial mats are a great way to keep your children safe from slips and falls, as you never know what wet or puddle may lurk around every corner.

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