How to choose the right racking or shelving system

Just like every person is different, so, too, is every workplace. This means that there is no one-size-fits-all solution when it comes to storage and that different systems will suit different industries and businesses.

When deciding whether to choose racking, shelving, boxes or any other storage system, consider the following questions:

-How do you stack your goods? If you stack by hand, a shelving system is ideal, but if you use a forklift or pallet truck, you’ll need to opt for racking.
-What are the sizes of your pallets or products?
-In what environment will the shelving be used?
-How heavy are the goods you need to store?
-What sort of capacity should your storage system hold?

Office storage

Office storage systems are usually more lightweight than those in industrial sectors, and only items like files, stationery, computer components or light boxes need to be stored securely. In this case, light-duty shelving is a great option, and this can easily be installed. In some cases, offices may opt to store some items offsite and rent storage space, just like many people do for personal belonging that they are currently not using.

Stockroom shelving

The type of shelving you choose depends very much on what your stock room will be storing, for example will you need vertical sheet metal storage systems? The goods that you need to keep in stock will dictate what type of shelving you require and whether a residential or industrial solution is best. The industrial shelving in Ireland available at is just one of the many options, and you can pick and choose according to your needs and the way you’ll be handling your stock.

Warehouse shelving

Generally, warehouses need heavy-duty shelving or rack systems that are designed for large amount of heavy-duty goods. The shelving also needs to stand up to a lot of wear and tear as it may be bumped by a forklift or be subject to lots of loading and unloading. Racking is ideal if you use a forklift as it is designed to work in conjunction with the lifting mechanisms, and a heavier-duty setup is required. However, if shelves are stacked by hand and the products are lighter, you can get away with less heavy shelving because you wont have to worry about the immense amount of wear and tear.

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