Fixing carpets damaged by water

Carpeting is, covering of the floor with some type of fabric that is mostly soft. The fabric can be of any type like nylon, polyester or wool etc. A carpet can either be directly glued to the floor or it can be glued to a padding beneath it, which is then glued to the floor.

Carpeting is very useful in homes and businesses. It provides protection and cushioning to one’s feet and reduces the risks of falls and slips. It also reduces noise.

But it can also be damaged.

Any disaster that damages the property can also damage the carpeting on the floor, be it fire and smoke, water, sewage, mold or contamination with any harmful microorganism.

Carpeting can be damaged by water in many ways. The cause can be a burst pipe in the wall or floor, flood, rainstorm or discharging sewage. Whatever the cause, water damaged carpeting can be a huge problem for the residents or workers.

If the damage is great and the water was contaminated, it should be dealt with by the professionals. This can’t be done by just anyone. We should contact the right people in this business who have experience in this field and know what they are dealing with. These

businesses deal with such problems on almost daily basis so they are better skilled and equipped to repair the damage.

Water damaged carpeting can be repaired and restored by professionals but it is necessary that they are called as soon as possible and they arrive in time and start their work quickly. If this is not done in time, say 24 to 48 hours, then molds start to grow in the damp carpets. Mold takes 24 to 48 hours to germinate and grow. So, if we want to save our carpeting, we need to act fast.

It is also important to know about the exact source of water damage to carpeting. If the water was sanitary, we can clean the carpets by ourselves but if the water was unsanitary, it is better to throw it away or if we don’t want to do that, then we should contact the cleaning professionals because unsanitary water contains microorganisms that are extremely harmful for human health and so carpet restoration requires extra measures than those damaged by sanitary water.

In order to clean the padding free carpet yourself, you need to first of all, dry the carpeting. This can be done by a wet-vacuum. This should be done in a long stroke while moving back and forth like dry vacuuming. Windows can be opened to allow passage of air and in order to speed up the drying process, dehumidifiers, fans or blowers can also be used.

But if the carpet was with padding, the padding must be changed as it would not dry because it is like a sponge that would store water in it and never get dry. In this case, the padding should be removed first, the carpet and floor must be dried and then a new padding should be I stalled.

It is best to leave all this work to the professionals if we want it to be done properly.

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