Importance of Peterbilt Aftermarket Truck Parts

Getting truck accessories is the best way to boost your vehicle and ensure you upgrade it to a point where you can enjoy its overall comfort. Some of them will help you drive safer and more efficient, while others are high-tech smart, which is vital to remember.

We recommend you to check out peterbilt aftermarket parts at, which will offer you the available options. Everything depends on your preferences, so you should stay with us to learn everything about accessories before making up your mind.

1.Triple-Ball Trailer Hitch

Although it is not a high-tech accessory, it is crucial to have it. Therefore, you do not have to carry a set of hitches with standard ball sizes within your vehicle. Instead, this one is adjustable, meaning you will get three actual sizes, including 2-inch, 1-7/8-inch and 2-5/16-inch.

You should know that it can fit into a two-inch receiver, while it comes with a weight rating that will provide you peace of mind. Generally, the weight is always in proportion with the ball’s size.

2.Wireless Backup Camera

Nowadays, numerous vehicles have dashboard backup screens, a common characteristic you should consider when buying. However, if you have an old car without it, we recommend you add a wireless backup camera to display everything through your tablet or mobile device.

You can find a wide array of models since some feature rechargeable batteries and a chance to mount them next to your rear license plate. The models are weather-resistant, while the installation is convenient and straightforward. Of course, it comes with native app, meaning you can always check out what is going on behind you.

The best way to learn how to sterilize your car with ease is after checking here for additional information.

3.Trip Mileage Gauge and GPS Speedometer

Another important consideration is getting an engine-based speedometer, but they are not accurate enough, meaning you risk getting a fine. On the other hand, having a speedometer you can mount on a dashboard will provide you peace of mind.

It has a 4-1/2-inches wide screen, high visibility, and large numbers to prevent wandering off the road while checking it out. You can recalibrate it and implement additional features, including:

  • Recording mileage and trip time, which will help you deal with reimbursement and billing process
  • Lighter plug-ins without batteries included
  • Over-speed alert or notification, which is essential for beginners

4.Ionic Air Purifier

Sometimes, you may give your customer or client to ride inside your vehicle. Having a regular air freshener dangling from a rear-view mirror is not adequate for masking the odor of your dog, work, or sandwich you had for lunch.

Instead, you can find a high-tech solution that will provide peace of mind. We are talking about the ionic air purifier that can fit in the cupholder, and you can plug it into a lighter port.

The same way as a household ionic purifier, it will send harmful ion particles into the air, which will purify the odor and other issues. Besides, it comes with a dual USB for charging purposes.

5.Adapter Splitter

You can find two or three sockets of 12v splitters, which will offer additional convenience. Finally, you can boost the capacity and reduce clutter within your vehicle.

Numerous problems can happen when you are around the console with a wide array of plugged-in devices. The best solution is to find a splitter with an extension cord, which is vital to remember.

The main goal is to find a wide array of sockets that can range between three and fourteen, depending on your preferences and needs. You can use the recharge tools to plug-in phone chargers and add an ionic purifier. It is a highly convenient addition to your vehicle.

6.No-Drill Mud Flaps

The main idea is to install mud flaps without drilling your car’s fender or other aspects. The best thing about it is the ability to avoid penetrating the finish and metal in vulnerable areas, which is vital to prevent. Besides, they are simple to install and convenient using original equipment bolts in a truck.

At the same time, you do not need to remove the tires or jack them up. Since they come with custom designs, you should choose the ones specifically created for your model and brand, which is something you can handle online.

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