'ETERNO' Pedestal Paver Support System

‘ETERNO’ Pedestal Paver Support System

Why Eterno Pedestal Paver Support System? If you are planning to install elevated exterior paving and rooftop decks for your home or organisation then ‘ETERNO’ Pedestal is the best paving system for you. It is the only screw jack which is fastest, simple and easy to install. Common Features: Saves time Manual Slope Adjustors No spacer tabs or shims to install Post-installation height adjustment problem is nil Noise reducing head Head with inbuilt spacer tabs Shock protection to the pedestal supported pavers More Advanced Inbuilt Features: Self-levelling head- It has automatic compensation for slopes of up to 5% Rubber shim on the pedestal head-It is slip resistance and also helps in reducing noise up to 25dB Tabs on pedestal- These Pedestal Tabs helps in saving the installation time Adjustment key – It allows micro adjustment of pedestal height even post- installation process, there is no need to lift any pavers Fixation device for wood unit pavers – It helps to hold the pavers together and screwed tightly to the pedestal heads Screw jack construction – Helps in height adjustment Pre-cut lines on pedestal base – It is for pedestals to be cut quickly when placed flush against a wall Components of Eterno adjustable height pedestal: Screw jack pedestal head Swivelling head Self-levelling pedestal head Self-levelling head components Types of Eterno Pedestal System: Fixed Height Pedestal Supports The Fixed Height Pedestals are used for building up the paver height to the level where the lowest height adjustable height pedestals can be used (SE0 at 1.125″). They have inbuilt spacer tabs which can easily be detachable if not required. They are required at the time of installing pavers directly over concrete or other hard surfaces.It prevents the pavers from rocking on the surface which is due to any slight irregularities of the substrate. Features of Fixed Height Pedestal Supports: Low cost solution for installing pavers over concrete Stack supports for heights up to 1.5″ Its Wide is 6″ diam. smooth surface base support Compession load tested to over 12,000 lb Inbuilt spacer tabs snap off for easy removal Resistant to temperatures between -40° to 120°C Slots in base ensure good drainage UV resistant polypropylene SE0 Adjustable Height Pedestals Fully adjustable height range – 1.125″ to 1.5″ Compression load tested to over 4000lb Self-levelling head which automatically adjusts for slopes up to 5% Head slot enables post-installation height adjustment Anti-slip and noise suppressing soft rubber head surface Inbuilt spacer tabs snap off for easy removal Security lock on head coupler prevents rotation beyond safe limit Wide 8″ diam. smooth surface base support Scored lines on base simplify cutting for perimeter installation Resistant to temperatures between -40° to 120°C Durable polypropylene construction Resistant to ultraviolet degradation

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