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As more and more movies appear, the number of watching sites also grows. Most of them ask you to purchase a premium account or try to fraud you out of money. However, there are some free options to make your evening pleasant with hit movies in the background. One of them is, a site with a great choice of movies and trailers, both classic and the latest ones in a full HD quality.


I am opening the list of the best latest movies with Paterno, a spectacular drama based on a legendary story. It tells about a famous American couch involved in a murky scandal. Though being adventurous and moving, the film doesn’t claim to be a complete documentary, so there is always a way for imagination.

Among the features is, undoubtedly, the gorgeous Al Pacino. Playing Joe Paterno, he manages to portray this atmosphere of inner confusion a real Paterno felt. One more point to be outlined is the perfect operating work. The scenery is artfully chosen to produce the right effect on the viewer.

Paterno can be watched at, our free streaming site, in full HD and without constantly bothering ads.


Another amazing movie by Marc Webb is Gifted. Little Mary knows how to solve Math problems and multiply large figures, but it’s difficult for her to have friends, lead a normal life and be a good niece for her uncle. But it isn’t even that simple – a fierce drama revolves around the girl. Watch and check at

Like all movies by Webb, this one was highly awaited – eventually, 85% liked the touching story. What is really gripping about this movie is that creators managed to make it both realistic and professional. There are no fraud emotions and shallow actor play, even small Mckenna Grace acted like real Hollywood star. Finally, the well-chosen beach locations create a special atmosphere for Gifted.


Logan is another masterpiece of the Marvel Universe that can be seen at our site. How long can a person conceal his past? It depends. And what if it’s not a simple person, but Wolverine himself? How to overcome the constant fears and go on with a normal life with others to care about? These are the questions Hugh Jackman will be answering through the whole movie.

Firstly, it must be mentioned that the storyline is riveting and easy to follow – though, it doesn’t mean it’s shallow. The director combined a professional superhero movie with a sensational drama where no love is forgotten. Special effects add to the whole image and leave you absolutely impressed. The best effect is got when watched in HD, which can be done at our streaming site

Being unique, Logan is a movie that can be watched alone or by the whole family. Everyone will find something interesting in it, whether it’s gorgeous soundtracks through the whole story line, superhero fights or an emotional atmosphere.

You can enjoy many more films like Skyscraper, Mission Impossible – Fallout and etcetera through play & watch your Hollywood movies – play free full HD hollywood movies only at


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