Old Fashioned and Modern Sales Booths

They are all around us now-a-days. Some have a person inside and some do not. Some are small and sleek, and others are the size of a small room. They originally had a person who handled all the transactions and now, a great many are designed specifically for self-service.

Did you already know what this subject is about? Peddlers carts were probably some of the first known. In the bigger cities, newspaper and magazine stands sprouted up. Hot dog stands, telephone booths, candy and cigarette stands are still popular. The KIOSK, in the old fashioned styles, still exist.

Many stand owners are up early getting set up before breakfast time in the big cities. If you are an early riser, you might have seen them getting ready for their first customers. There is an exciting, hustle-bustle feeling as you watch them perform methodical and quick set-up skills. They have cheerful, engaging personalities and develop lasting relationships with their patrons.

You will also see these old fashioned kinds of kiosks at fairs, parades, museums, amusement parks, parking lot sales, special events and festivals. Generally, you will find the stand operator in the center and the customers dealing over a counter. By the time you have received your purchase, you will have had a small chat and feel like you have made a new friend.

The public has always loved the old fashioned styled kiosks with their beautiful designs and different colors. Some are half wood and half stone. You will see Art Nouveau, Byzantine architecture among other styles.

In malls, you will find several retail kiosks. They are also referred to as a retail merchandising unit (RMU). Depending on the season and the amount of mall traffic, it can cost an operator at least $800 per month to lease one from the mall management. In addition to the cost of the monthly lease, some malls will also charge a percentage of the sales.

Another kind is the self-service, almost robotic type. You will find these indoors and outdoors. Most of these have computerized touch screens, keypads, credit card readers, printers for receipts, overhead light boxes and whatever technology is needed for its specific task.

They come in large, medium and small sizes. The styles of construction are varied as well. You will see sleek, modern, minimalist styles as well as plain, boxy and traditional styles. You have used these self-service kiosks at banks, stadiums, theaters, amusement parks, grocery stores, resorts, ticketing agencies and even bicycle rental racks.

The new, modern kiosks are designed to be ADA compliant which means they are accessible to those with disabilities. They are convenient for the owners for reasons such as:

  • The designs are geared to different needs.
  • All needs are taken care of in one machine.
  • They can be managed remotely.
  • Many have field service support.

These self-serve units make our lives easier. They provide simple convenience. In our fast paced world, they definitely make things faster and easier.



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