Ecommerce Blogging – How and Why You Should Do It?

Blogging on ecommerce sites is particularly common. In fact, it is pretty rare to come across an ecommerce site that does not actually have a blog. Why is this the case? Do ecommerce merchants have a great deal of spare time on their hands? Are they passionate about something? The answers to these questions might well be “no” and “yes” respectively. Blogging is a lot of fun and, very often, those running ecommerce sites are indeed passionate about whatever appears on their blog. But they are certainly not doing it to fill free time in the day-to-day running of an ecommerce site. Online or not, business is business, and it is a full-time job.

Rather, we should think of the blogs that appear on ecommerce sites as an extension of a company’s customer service program because, in the end, this is what ecommerce blogs are – customer service. Ecommerce blogging works under the presumption that the people who visit a particular ecommerce site are all interested in the same range of products, and they all most likely have similar interests as a result. Accordingly, from the perspective of blogging itself, ecommerce sites are the perfect place to find the perfect audience. Like blogging about gardening? Then where better to host your blog than on a gardening supplies ecommerce site?

Why Blog on an Ecommerce Site?

So, as we have seen, blogging on an ecommerce site makes a great deal of sense from both the perspective of blogging and business. But what are the more specific benefits that a blog can bring to your ecommerce site? Here follows some of the top reasons:

To Inform Your Audience of Your Products

As mentioned, a blog on an ecommerce site serves the purpose of telling visitors about things they are interested in. Foremost among these, from the point of view of growing your business, are your own products. Blogging is, in fact, one of the best forms of advertising. If your blog is interesting enough, it will hold attention and entertain. Nevertheless, it can also be thought of as a means of telling exactly the right people about your products.

To Encourage Future Interest in your Business

Another reason why blogging on ecommerce sites is a great idea is that it offers you the opportunity to affect the future consumer decision of your customer base. For example, if your customers regularly read your blog, they may be reading a post that has nothing to do with what they are looking for at that moment. However, if they enjoy your blog and read it when they visit your site, they might well remember you when the time comes that they do require whatever that last post was about.

To Explain Your Services 

Another reason why blogging is good is that it allows you to deliver denser, more text-heavy information to your customers. For example, if you run a B2B ecommerce site and you are selling something a bit more complicated than individual products, then the blog post is the best place to explain your service more fully, and in a way that you wouldn’t be able to with a short paragraph on your homepage. FastFACTR, a company specializing in invoice and debt factoring, note that these fairly utilitarian and complicated services can be explained more fully in blog posts – not just what they are, but why they are useful too.

In the end, blogging on an ecommerce site is pretty standard practice – and for good reason. If you have neglected to do it so far, it is time to change that strategy.

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