Three reasons why your business needs a walk-in cold room

A walk-in cold room is an efficient storage facility that is becoming more and more popular in commercial kitchens in the catering and hospitality business.

There are several types of cold rooms including modular cold rooms, combi cold rooms and purpose build cold rooms. But what are the benefits of installing one in your kitchen?

More space for the money

A walk-in cold room will offer a lot more space than a large industrial refrigerator or chiller. Not only does this give you significantly more storage space but it can also give you the room and flexibility to reassess your organisation structure which can be particularly useful in fast-paced kitchens where products need to be located quickly. Because you know you’ll have the extra space you’ll never need to worry about running out of produce and can bulk order your ingredients which tends to be more cost-effective.

Reliable refrigeration

Commercial cold rooms these days are manufactured using modern technology and are therefore reliable and efficient. Many come with fool-proof, airtight seals and easy to use temperature controls. Many also include enhanced safety features that can keep your expensive produce locked away and all at the correct temperature.

Energy and cost efficient

Many consumers assume that a large refrigeration system like a commercial cold room ( would use more energy than a smaller unit and therefore hike up their energy bills. But because all of your goods are located in one space rather than across several chiller units, you’ll find you only have one major energy output which is bound to be cheaper. It also means maintenance and repair costs will be cheaper as you’ll only have the one unit to look after.

You the consumer can pick the appropriate size cold room for your business. You can decide on the amount of shelving and how best to organise your produce within it. In short, this is a system that can be handpicked and designed to meet the needs of your business rather than simply going out and buying the first refrigeration system you see.

So don’t delay, whether you manage a cafe, restaurant or hotel, consider installing a walk-in cold room and you’ll soon see your energy costs dropping while your organisation and productivity soars.


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