How businesses can improve their flexibility with VoIP

Keeping up with the latest trends can make a business more efficient, but embracing new systems and technology can also make your operations much more flexible. VoIP technology is one way to give your business added flexibility, and here’s how this is possible.

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Remote working

Increasing numbers of people work remotely, or may need to communicate with clients or colleagues while they’re on the move. Traditional telecommunications offer limited scope for out-of-office collaboration, but this is where VoIP really steps up to the mark. As long as you have got access to an internet connection, you can communicate from anywhere using VoIP technology. This gives businesses great flexibility when it comes to deciding on working arrangements.

Many systems also come with a tracking feature, which can give business owners added reassurance while still allowing for worker flexibility. According to this feature allows you to track where employees are and also defines rules as to where the handset should, or shouldn’t, ring.

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Multiple devices

The beauty of using VoIP technology is that you can make or receive calls from a wide range of devices, such as laptops, mobiles and tablets, and not just a standard phone. This offers businesses huge flexibility for communicating with others.


When you choose a wholesale VoIP termination provider such as, you have the advantage of being able to retrieve voicemail messages on the go, rather than having to wait to pick them up when you return to the office. This ensures you can deal with messages quickly and efficiently. With some systems, you can even get voicemails transcribed into emails, for easier viewing and sharing potential.

International calls

With traditional phone systems it can be costly to call abroad if you have clients overseas, and often you’re subjected to interference on the line. VoIP is well suited to calling abroad, as it’s cost-effective and offers a good quality line connection. This gives businesses increased flexibility to communicate anywhere. Want more proofs? You can stop by at Nextiva reviews and get the first-hand experience shared by the actual VoIP users.

Should businesses also wish to discuss details with colleagues or clients, but aren’t able to meet face-to-face, using the video conferencing function on VoIP systems enables this to happen. In fact, you can have multiple people taking part in video conferencing using VoIP. As an efficient and cost-effective way to conduct meetings, VoIP gives businesses increased flexibility when it comes to communication options.

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