Business damage after fire and smoke

Every year billions of dollars are wasted in property damage due to fires. Fire alone causes devastating damage to a property and water from hoses, smoke and soot add to double the damage. There are natural causes like wildfires or lightning strikes and houses catching fire easily. Other reasons of fire are due to gas leakage, unattended candles, burning coals, cigarettes, short circuit or burning fire place. Many a time property catches fire due to the negligence of people living there.

Fire burn and produce smoke and soot which causes more damage to structure, contents and environment of house. Smoke odor seeps deeply into fabrics, leather, wooden furniture, walls and everything present inside burnt surroundings. Likewise, soot particles tend to cling on the surface of ceilings, walls, cabinets, electrical appliances and all open spaces. It is important to remove, clean and eliminate smoke and soot completely from structure and things. Smoke odor and soot particles are very harmful for health causing allergies and respiratory issues. Smoke can have bad impact on health and living under such condition is unsafe and unhealthy. That is why you must use the help of professionals for fire damage restoration as well as smoke damage restoration to make your house safe and habitable again.

Quick action of restoration after fire is crucial because everything present in house absorbs smoke and it will remain stay if it is not removed and cleaned properly. Smoke is consisting of harmful gases and breathing in such environment can cause eye irritation, skin allergies or breathing problems. Professionals at Service Pros are trained and experienced to deal with smoke contamination, removal of smoke residues and odor. They are licensed and insured to do fire restoration work.

First of all, assessment is done to understand the extent of fire and smoke damage to determine the course of action. The experts make a list of all work needed to be repair, replace, restore or rebuild as per their condition. Call your insurance adjustor to make an inspection. Make a list of your damaged area and objects for future service claim.

It is important to remove all untouched objects, furniture and clothes out of house to lessen the smoke odor. Water damage restoration is also the part of fire damage restoration, which ensures that removal of moisture is essential to protect the property.

Everything in the house is stained and full of odor due to smoke and soot. Special treatments are used to remove, scrub, clean, sanitized, deodorized and repaint the walls, ceilings, floorings, carpets, upholstery, windows, doors and other things. Some things need dry cleaning to remove fire residues.

The valuables, antiques, family heirlooms are hard to replace and sometimes hard to restore. Smoke odor absorbs easily in porous material speedily and makes it impossible to get rid of smoke odor.

Sometimes fire damages the structure and possessions to such an extent that you have to take in account. Do let the professionals make the decision to restore the property who have the skills and knowledge of restoration.

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