How to Create A Strategic Brand Management Process?

Brand management strives to build brand assets and make it grow and evolve with time. The strategic brand management process is a plan that surrounds this goal. This process has four (4) key steps to it, planning, executing, controlling the marketing, and branding the strategies.

In this article, we will discuss the key points of the brand management process.

> Recognizing and Determining Brand Positioning and Condition: 

The first and foremost key point of the brand management process is for the brand manager to locate and recognize an untouched position in the market which bring benefit to the brand. This position should be adjusted in the sense that your brand can counter the current competition and create a good image as a brand in the long run. The brand managers usually utilize the mental maps and positioning map for this process.

Once the manager identifies and locates the position, the team can then start building a core identity for the brand and work on the brand’s associations and the nature of the brand

> Planning and Executing:

Once the position of the brand in the market has been determined, the next key point is to work on the planning and start executing those strategies in the position of the brand as you have planned. This includes the following short steps:

  • Brand’s Elements: Many people choose to take this step very lightly when it should not be taken lightly. Choosing the right brand elements, like the brand’s name and logo, the symbols, the slogan, and the tags and packaging. All of these are very important.
  • Marketing Activities: Choose the perfect marketing projects and execute them without a hitch.
  • Controlling the associations: You need to take control and maximize the usage of the secondary associations, for instance, the origin country. They play a vital role in the initial position of the brand.

> Measuring and Evaluating:

The next step after the planning and executions, you need to start working on a system that helps the team in measuring the success of the brand overall. The brand equity measurement system requires a lot of patience and time, to design such a system, a lot of researched material on the positions and market values are also required. This task is not easy by comparison but the results are fruitful.

After such a system is developed, you and your team need to start working on evaluating the different strategies in the market and consider which ones are the best suitable for your brand. This will help the brand managers to develop a strategy that will serve in the short as well as long run.

> Growth and Maintenance: 

Once the entire assets of the brand are built, you need to start working on the maintenance and growth of the brand in general. Continue to work on strategies that will positively expand your brand and define the brand’s architecture. You and your brand managers also need to come up with a strategy to maintain the equity over time.

Tacking technical and strategical decisions that will bring the brand in a positive spotlight in front of the customers is very important and part of both the growth and maintenance.

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